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14. 这条船本来会断成一百多截,但在我的努力,现在只断成了两截,这是一个巨大的成功!15. 冰山并不存在,冰山是民主党的fake news.16. 为什么一等舱比其他乘客获救率更高呢?这大概就是人生吧。17. 由于国际邮轮协会(Worldwide Hauling Organization)没有管好冰山,我们正式宣布暂停对国际邮轮协会的拨款。18. 我很喜欢复活节,我们打算在复活节那天返航。19. 这不是我的责任,都怪4年前上任船长老黑,缩减了救生艇的数量,一切都是他的错。20. 他当然是一个冰山了。我比别人都更早知道他就是一个冰山。21. 中国提供的KN95号救生艇,不符合我方救援标准,禁止营救我船落海成员。22. 给受害者准备的救生衣要稍微晚两天到,因为得在每一张印上我的名字,这个非常重要。


If Trump was Captain of the RMS Titanic西安营销策划有限公司

The iceberg is a LIE.We won't hit an iceberg.It's just a tiny iceberg. We’re very, very ready for this. It's going to be just fine.On our ship, we only have, basically, a tiny scrape. We have it very well under control.I have a gut feeling that the leak will disappear very soon. I feel good about it. That’s all it is, just a feeling, you know, smart guy. I feel good about it.We're going to get back to our trip and we're gonna be talking about dates, and I think it's gonna happen quickly.The iceberg was unexpected. Nobody could have predicted something like this.We're getting to that point where there's going to really be some very bad numbers, but altogether we have done a very good job.People are surprised that I understand icebergs. People ask, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability.I am the best captain, just ask anyone.Ivanka and Jared will be in charge of our recovery council. We’re in good hands."Why are there insufficient lifeboats?" I think that's a very nasty question and I'd say you are a terrible reporter. China should be responsible for the iceberg. #ChineseIcebergThe ship could have dismantled into smithereens if it weren't for me, it just broke into two halves instead. So we’ve had very .The iceberg is the Democrat's new hoax. FAKE NEWS!Why is the survival rate higher for passengers in first class? Perhaps that's the story of life.I am halting the funding of the Worldwide Hauling Organization while a review is conducted to assess its role in mismanaging icebergs.Easter’s a very special day for me. This ship is coming back to port on Easter.I am not responsible, the lifeboats were left onshore by that last captain of this ship.It is an iceberg. ... I felt it was an iceberg long before it was called an iceberg.Inauthentic lifeboats labeled as KN95 coming from China. We're not using these!The lifejackets are going to be late for a few days because I need my signatures on each and every one of them, which is of utmost importance.

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